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               A cosmopolitan vocalist,  music composer, songwriter, and producer Guy Roberts. 

40 years of harmonica playing with some of the best, played bass for his 12 first years on stage then moved on to the guitar. From the age of 15 on stages and by 22 signed by Warner as a songwriter, at 50 playing with a symphonic orchestra. His passion for music and people have lead him down many paths, from creating music, the practicalities of music studios,  record companies, and sound engineering whilst always at home on stage. 

Who is Guy Roberts,  The music speaks more than any biography. Now Guy Roberts has created a small compilation of his works designed as a listening experience. Feels like you know the songs when you hear them, influenced by the few albums available to him in the countryside of Ibiza as a child of the '70s. 

Guy Roberts has used music to make sense of the world, lived music, and understood life through lyrics, harmonies, and emotion. After 40 years he is ready to open his musical diary and share his discoveries through the album "BALANCE". A storyteller on stage, touching hearts in the present, reminding the audience of a journey we are all on. A love story with life described through a life of love, challenges, commitment, exploration, and letting go.

A strength we all feel and have in us. Sometimes we just need to fall in order to rise, and find Balance.  

Guy Roberts will be on a live world tour through 2022, watch for dates in your area. 

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