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Guy Roberts Bio

 A cosmopolitan vocalist,  music composer, songwriter, Guy Roberts. 

40 years of harmonica playing with some of the best, played bass for his first years on stage then moved on to the guitar.

From the age of 15 on stages and by 22 signed by Warner Chappel as a songwriter, at 50 singing and playing harmonica with symphony orchestras.

His passion for music and people has led him down many paths, from creating music, music studios, record companies, and sound engineering whilst always at home on stage. 

The music speaks more than any biography. It feels like you know the songs when you hear them, influenced by the few albums available to him in the countryside of Ibiza as a child of the '70s. 

A storyteller on stage, touching hearts in the present, reminding the audience of a journey we are all on. A strength we all feel and have within us.

Guy Roberts is currently touring solo, comprising of Guitar, Harmonica, and Five Octaves of Vocals, and is available for dates

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